Sunday, May 10, 2015

A new way of life

                    This past fall semester was something that I have never experienced before.  It was crazy, challenging, and definitely different.  I wake up early in the mornings (about 5 o'clock) and go to town to my ROTC workout.  From those early mornings I would go to my classes and wrap up right about noon almost every day.  It was enjoyable yet challenging.  I met many new people that I absolutely love.

As the semester wore on I pushed harder in my ROTC 'duties'.  I felt that I was coming to a peak in the mountain.  We were getting ready for our APFT and I was nervous yet excited for the test.  One morning while playing basketball (my favorite game of all time) I stole the ball and ran down the court to lay the ball in for a layup when my foot stuck to the ground and I heard a familiar popping noise.  I was in shock and denial that I had torn my ACL.

                From this time forward I fell into frustration with life.  I had felt so invincible, so ready for life, and then everything was taken from me.  I was benched..........again for the next few months.  Spring semester was a rush.  We started it out running as soon as all the renegades were back together.  Life was crazy yet so enjoyable because I was beginning to find my nitch.  I love my ROTC people.

                To sum up my first year of college, I would say that I have grown.  I am more complete.  I have grown closer to Christ and to the people who matter the most at this time in my life.  I would not trade in my adventures, mistakes, and experiences for anything in the world.  Looking forward to the next three years!

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