Wednesday, September 16, 2015


    The University of Mary has been a brand new change.  I moved out to Bismark, ND last month and hit the ground running.  I was worried that I would not be able to find my nitch but there are so many good people here that it is hard to not have people around you.  The school has a fantastic Catholic identity, making me feel so whole. North Dakota is the barren lands compared to the great state of Montana but it is like farmland which reminds me of Germany, making me feel a little bit at home. And last but certainly not least my cousin, that I had never met til a few weeks ago, contacted me.  She has taken me into town to meet my great aunts again and it has brought me comfort to know that I have family on campus since I am so used to always having family members around.
The running is fantastic (as of the past few weeks and not running now, don't worry Mom)

                                                          Ladies Get Dressed Up!

The sunsets are be-a-u-tiful here!

We like to dance!

What happens when you leave your phone alone

All in all life at UMary has had a good start! Now just to continue it and enjoy studying and training!

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