Friday, January 8, 2016

My Emotional Side

        The first semester is over and I cannot believe where time has gone.  Just the other day it seemed I was moving into my dorm room, waving goodbye to my Mom and Dad.  There was the highs and the lows as I have tried to meet and engage with people as a transfer student.  Who ever said that transferring is not that bad is disillusioned! A transfer student has to enter school with freshman yet they have already experienced the freshman year, transfers do not have the same experiences as the others in their grade, but in the end their is a special place for transfers.  I have experienced so much more than others because of what I have come from.  From this change I realized how strong I can be, yet I do not always have to be a solid rock to the world.
         This semester I started to embrace much more being a girl.  I formed a fantastic group of girl friends.  I learned that I will not always be loved and liked by all people.  I formed a much stronger relationship with Christ and I hope to continue to strengthen my relationship with Him.  The beginning of this change and new adventure has offered me yet another chance to become even stronger in my life.
                                            ~I was able to become friends with this crazy lady~
       The thought and lesson that I have taken away from this past semester is that you are not meant for everyone nor can you live for everyone.  It is not possible so you should not try to make it possible.  The other thought is a quote that my cousin James sent me, "You have enemies? Good, that means you've stood up for something in your life." ~St. Josemaria Escriva

        Here is to many more memories!

                                                ~Good Friends make for Good Memories~

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