Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Break!

         Spring Break 2016 was one of the best breaks I have ever been on.  We started it off with packing five girls into my little subaru.  We took off from Bismarck around two o' clock in the afternoon.  We were all hyped to be on break and start on adventures.  Saturday and Sunday were days of seeing family, friends from college, basketball games, and enjoying no school.  Monday was spent at one of the cattle ranches.  Molly G, Katherine and I were in all our element.  It was refreshing and exhilarating to be riding around on four wheelers in the fields, feeding cows, fixing fences, watching cows give birth, and doing any work that Mr. Bignell had for us.  Finishing the day being absolutely covered in mud, hay and the smell of the ranch filled my heart.
                                                   ~How I love these little cows~
                                I wanna marry a cowboy!

~As sisters we dream; as friends we take action~

Someone teach me to rope!

The life of my girls....waiting for our ride on the highway 

The rest of the week was filled with seeing various people, enjoying the Montana air, and going on many adventures.  Early Sunday morning we picked up bagels, coffee and snacks then hit the road.  Listening to Jason Evert and talking about how we can enrich our lives to become the best version of ourselves and learn how to become a Godly woman topped off the week.  As we were singing at the top of our lungs (grant it some of us do not have a voice) my car jerked us back into reality as it swerved over the road.  We quickly pulled to the side and jumped out to check my tires.  As I was checking my engine Molly G pointed out that there was one lug nut left on my back tire.  Three and a half hours later we were back on the road after being towed into Columbus, having new lug nuts put on my tire, and trying to enjoy our delay by eating McDonalds and watching a show. The mechanics were interesting fellows to say the least as they stereotyped us a lot, making one comment, "This must be the most fun you have had with your clothes on!" We proved to them that we are tough girls by handling this very well on our own.   
All in all it was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I look forward to many adventures with these ladies!

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