Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Brand New Day

This past weekend I loaded up all my things after work, picked up a friend, and headed for the hills.....literally.  It was windy as we exited North Dakota but that was to be expected.  As we sped across the flat lands we ran into a cop heading the other way.  With my luck the cop flipped through the ditch, tailed us, then pulled me over.  This young cop walked up and kindly asked me if I knew what I had done. "Why, yes sir, I was speeding."  Being the nice cop he was, he had mercy on me and gave me a warning.  I have my mother's luck.  We arrived in Helena, MT. at about 10:30 MT time.  The next morning my sister and I went on a good, chilly, and beautiful ride on our horses.
                                                                  ~My baby girl~

Good Friday was then spent going to Church, hiking with Daddy and my sister Katherine.  It was so fulfilling to be out on the mountains that were my home and where my heart belongs. The birds were flitting in and out of the trees reminding us that new life was on its way with the Resurrection and with the entry of Spring.  
~Give me elevation~
~Someone must have wanted to sleep while hunt~

Being home taught me many things this time.  Creating my life on my own is possible because I am not on my own.  The people that love you will always be by your side.
During my quick trip to MT my Uncle and Aunt were in town.  It was great fun to visit with them and see their little kiddos grow up and be running around.  Little Pierce during one dinner, eating a drumstick, turned to my Dad saying, "I found a bone.  Uncle Shannon, look I found a bone!" Ah how little kids but especially little boys just crack me up. It was good to be teased and challenged by Uncle Alex.  He reminded me that really nothing in life comes easy and that my dreams are worth chasing.  The second thing  that I took away from my trip was that even when it gets hard it is only trying to challenge one's self to forge ahead and become the "Best version of yourself"            (Mathew Kelley)  
So for the next four and a half weeks of my sophomore year here is to Blue Skies Ahead!
~A girl chasing her dreams

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  1. Enjoy those last couple weeks of school. Hope all goes well. Keep your chin up