Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Call of Singlehood

               A friend of mine texted me the other morning telling me about a dream she had the night before.  As we would love all of our stories to go, she was dating one of her good friends from her hometown which meant she was dating one of her best friends which is what all girls hope for. (Boys take note) After a good dream she woke up and realized she was, yep, still single. What a disappointment to realize this.  What we do not realize is that sometimes we are called to the "season of singleness" for a reason.  One reason I have found is to help me become more satisfied with being me and creating a better version of myself.  Another reason is because we need to grow closer to God because if we are not close to God then how will we be close to another human being.

                Being single means we have so many opportunities for adventures and to meet so many new people.  It is our chance to build up relationships because we do not have any attachments to anything but what we, ourselves choose to attach to.  We do not have the financial worries of another person or the worries of supporting another person.  We can give of ourselves to many different things because we are not focusing on the calling of a family.  I am still learning to use this time wisely.  I have caught myself moping about at times but I try to pull myself out of it because otherwise I am wasting time that could be spent living outside of myself.  I have loved living in the moment with my family and the people around me.  Even more I have enjoyed growing to become the best version of myself.  Pictures are the best way to describe one's life so without further ado here are some highlights from the summer time.

                                            Somewhere on a beach

                                                         They call the thing a rodeo
                                                                             The three amigos

Here is to an excellent year of growing in many ways!

~A Girl chasing her Dreams

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