Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Past Few Months

Phewsta~ it's been a while and many things have happened that may have seemed to "upset the apple cart".  The first, I moved back to Helena from North Dakota to continue my schooling. The second, I have been working at as a CNA at Touchmark.  The first has helped me tremendously and I do not regret going to North Dakota because I learned a lot and am still very young so no need to worry.  The second, has taught me a lot of patience and how to understand people more fully by truly listening.
Now what am I doing with my life? Well I am going to become a nurse and that is for sure, some how, some way. I am paying off my debt by working 32 hours a week and taking only a couple of classes. In my time off I spend my time working out and catching up with various people while still trying to slip in some ski days while winter is still lasting.  This all may sound like a either a very boring life or not "living it up" while still being in college and being so young.  It also may seem like I do not have my life figured out.  But I have come to a realization while I was down in Texas at a convention; life is messy and often not very well planned.  Well it's not well planned by us but by God it is all figured out.  How boring it would be if we had a blueprint handed to us for how life was supposed to happen? Anyho.....That's the life for now.

A little skiing to finish up Winter.  

Oh how I love being on the Ranch!

Ranching is where my heart is.  I did not grow up a rancher but I was constantly around those type of people.  How rich and full of life they are.  As I was driving home with such a full heart and dirty hands, and clothes, and boots, and everything, I was thinking of why it made me so happy.  Then my Grandma stated it perfectly, "It's being so close to the earth for which God made for us to enjoy." Yes! This is why ranching always makes me so happy.  Is it frustrating when that cow refuses to go through the gate? Yes, it is, especially when it decides to take off across the field.  But all this aside it is being outside while often looking like a wild thing either running behind a cow or trying to cut it off with the four-wheeler while fully using our abilities to work the earth. 

Find your passion and run with it!

Til Next Time!
~A Girl Chasing her Dreams

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