Monday, June 25, 2018

A Catholic Life

How often the world looks at a Catholic life and think it is boring and too restraining.  This is so far from the truth because this life is the most exciting life that one can have! This last semester Katherine and I attended a college group led by Father Kirby.  This group was such a blessing, beyond just the theology of the group there was such a great little community formed from meeting our swing dance partners to just knowing more people around campus.  Our priest is a very young priest, thus he definitely feeds our souls with theology and adventures.  As we were preparing for the end of school and finals had us all in a tizzy Father Kirby asked us what we were going to do to continue forming our souls over the summer.  With all good intentions we each went around discussing how we were going to continue our spiritual education over the summer.  Then summer hit.  I have not been to daily Mass very often, confession is hard to go to when I am at work, and my time with Jesus is often me telling Him how tired I am at the end of a day's work in adoration.   Often I sit there in the chapel just silently crying or begging God for some energy to continue my day.  My worry is that I am not doing enough, not enough for my family, not enough for others, and certainly not enough for God.  This leads me to my next thought.

As I was talking to one of my closest friends the other evening I realized that God does not ask for perfection but He does ask us to strive for progress.  Progress can be seen in many different ways in the world but in the Catholic world it is seen as one striving to point others to Christ.  How often I think to myself that I want to save the world and that me, myself, and I can do it. I am constantly humbled as I hold a person's hand as she nears death and a tear streams down my face.  I am humbled as I hold someone near because words cannot explain the fear of losing their memories, intellect, and comprehension of this world.  I am humbled as I see that I am not the wisest nor the smartest but that someone else is.  Living this wild Catholic life never leaves one without hope.  There is always hope for the person as they pass from this world to the next.  There is hope for the person who is slowly losing their memories.  And there is hope even for me, who is not the wisest nor the smartest.  If each of us live our lives as striving and progressing then this world will become better; it is when this world becomes stagnant and thinks we have reached perfection than we have something to be worried about.  So keep striving and know that there is always hope. 

                                           Just some pictures to keep updated on life.


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