Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Montana Tech and Other Life Events

This previous January I moved down to Butte, Montana. (Otherwise known as Butte, America)  Down there I am majoring in Chemistry with a minor in psychology.  My days are filled with labs, class times, and lots of studying.  Spring break finally came but the two weeks prior to it were pretty darn hard.  They were filled with late nights, going to Helena, and of course lots of studying.  As spring break approached I caught a cold somewhere and man talk about sending myself for a whirl.  Even though I did catch a cold I still took off dancing because that is all I had been looking forward to and as I walked through the doors I was so happy I did.  Chris (one of the guys) was super excited and instantly held out his hands as we started spinning across the floor.

This is such a crazy mess of thoughts but often I wonder what God has in plan for me.  As I wonder this I think of how life is definitely not perfect but because it is not perfect there is more adventure to it.  As I am racing up the highways to go back to Helena for youth group sometimes I am hanging on by a thread.  Sometimes I am super excited to be headed back but sometimes tears are streaming down my face because I am so tired.  What joy comes from all of this though.  In my small existence I wonder what the point is.  The point is this; in the small existence of someone there is so much importance to them.  The thought of how you don't matter is the opposite of what it should mean.  It is the greatest practice of humility.  You are not important but you are so important.  God thought the world needed one of you....only you.  At the same time you are here to serve not to be served.  Such great practice of humility, especially for me.

Now just for some fun updates.  I love dancing and have really missed it the past couple of years.  I have went every once in a while but not as much as I used to.  So Tuesday nights are the night! This has been one of the best things that has happened.  The new moves and spinning across the floor all the while trying to make everything look so smoothe and fancy.  It has put me back to working on now leading all the time but sometimes following, and really trusting.  All the way from simple floor moves to trusting a fall there are many opportunities for me to learn (again) that I am not the one in charge all the time.  Another fun little bucket list thing I have added is tagging cows.  I tagged my first cow a couple weeks ago which was fun and a little terrifying as the gun got ripped out of my hands as I was holding the little calf down. 

Montana, my heart belongs here and will always belong here.  The opportunities and the adventures are endless.  From skiing down cliffs to getting ready for cliff jumping during the summer you will always hold the next opportunity that allows for one to be humbled constantly.

Till next time,
~A Girl Chasing Her Dreams

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