Thursday, September 21, 2017

Success in a Hollywood World

Lately I have been feeling the stress of being successful.  I look around at all my friends (or even people I barely know) and I immediately begin to compare myself to whether I am as good as them. Sometimes I define success as being married and starting a family, other days I look at it as the accomplishment of having a degree and a good job, and still others I look at it as how much I have done with my life. (This can range of being able to run a half marathon to being in the military to how much I have traveled)  This type of stress consumes a person and all they can do is start to worry and become selfish with their desires.

What is the definition of success anyways? According to the Cambridge Dictionary success is: "The achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results."  In this definition there is not any comparison of one person to another.  It is only  your desired results.  Success is not and should not be defined by another and definitely should not be defined by the Hollywood world that we live in. When I get worried about how my life is turning out I remind myself of everything that I have done and then I set a new goal. You are not living your life to impress others but to know, love and serve the Lord.

So to be successful I have set the goal to run a half marathon in February and have started training for it.  Good luck to me because sometimes running sucks! In this I am working on really trusting that the Lord has a plan.  The running allows me to push myself physically and show myself that I can accomplish a goal each day whether that is running three miles, five miles (next week) or ten miles in a few weeks!  I have seen so many blessings in just the past three months but extending to the past six months.  Including, but not limited to, spending time outdoors, learning ranch things, and being blessed to begin a discipleship group.  Each person's success is very unique to them because we are all unique. (Thank Goodness!)

In this Hollywood world we all need to remember that each individual person has such a unique purpose which is absolutely beautiful! As fall sets in I am going to work on enjoying each step of the way and really learning to be hopeful in the future. (A certain kind of trust)  Here is to learning, dancing, and enjoying this wild, crazy, precious life!

Til next time!
~A girl chasing her dreams

                              Thanks for being my running partner & getting me to the finish line

I am blessed to have people in my life that so patiently teach me about horses and cows


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